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Novelist Kimberly Bird


Pages 325  Sir Rayland, a landless knight, believed only in the present of serving his king; the past he kept buried deep, and the future held nothing but darkness and death. That was until he met a dark eyed beauty that teased his senses. Lady Nicole of Scotland is travelling to France when captured by Sir Rayland for her unknown part in a plot to destroy his king's power.
Pages 204  Brittany of the House of Bruce takes on the role of chieften bound to the past, but her future lies in the hands of another clan and chieften, Gordon Douglas. A passionate love that they believed was theirs for the taking would soon unravel even the strongest of hearts. A family death would soon pervade the land forcing the two neighboring clans to become enemies once again.  The only thing that could stop the senseless slaughter would be a human sacrifice to end the war.
Pages 272  The Black Wolf of Wales, Sir Ryan Black, a seasoned knight known for his strength and stealth on the battlefield, stalks and abducts a young maiden whose father is wanted for treason against the crown. The young maiden, Rebecca Langford, does not allow the Black Wolf to take her without a fight though, and slips from his grasp and that of her father's who she was also running from. Reluctantly, she accepts her fate, knowing it was futile to escape the very man who makes her feel safe in his hard embrace. The closer the become, the more the invisible bond encircles them in an unbreakable dynasty of the Knights Treasure.
Raven's Eye View is a First Nations story about the Creator and its companion the Raven. The Raven is sent out to find the perfect space where life could flourish. As the Raven sits back and waits for the Creator to form the stars and planets in new galaxies, a newborn planet becomes vulnerable to the very sky that is suppose to protect it from explosions of space birthing.

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A young woman is forced to wed the notorious black beard by way of booty on the high seas. She becomes embroiled in his diabolical pirating to survive the harsh reality. Dubloons and jewels become her haven, as the pirating crews were. Violence and lace mixed hand in hand, as did the ladies and whores. When she is finally free to pursue her own path, it is only to face the very demons that became her life.

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Epic Flash Fiction Free-Verse style poetry on the history of the Metis People of Canada, my birth-rite

Kimberly Bird is a Canadian Author who was born in the Northern landscape of Saskatchewan where her ancestral blood runs strong. Her Celtic and First Nations heritage influence her writings, which she blends uniquely into her story telling.

She loves writing Historical Romance, preferably medieval for the love of battle scenes and all the political intrigue but also enjoys writing fictional short stories that makes one think, opens their mind to a different reality.

Aside from writing, she is also an avid Rock Hound enthusiast, amateur Folk Art Carver, and Fly Fisher; hobbies that keep her close to the earth. She considers it an essential part of living in one's mind.  

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